A B O U T | U S

Knick Nax is a modern lifestyle and wellness brand devoted to cultivating inter-personal wellness, mental clarity, and unlocking your personal potential to become your best version of oneself.

Initially starting as an idea from feeling like journals were too dull, flat, unprovocative and unfulfilling; our founder Vittoria decided she wanted to create a new wave of guided journals, but it did not stop there.

As a lover of clean and fresh aesthetics, feeling good, and ultimately as a consumer wanting to buy quality items to help her feel her best: Vittoria decided Knick Nax would be more than just journals, planners, and other stationary; Knick Nax would be a complete lifestyle choice and brand so that all can appreciate themselves, the beauty around them, and products that make them feel good.


“Every person deserves to look and feel beautiful. We are all uniquely and wonderfully made and our temples deserves the best, whatever this means to you respectively.” –Vittoria


made for you, good for you. Always.